Bond in Motion

Bond in Motion
now open at Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles

Bond in Motion is an exhibit presented by the Petersen Automotive Museum that celebrates and showcases the vast array of vehicles portrayed in the James Bond franchise. Cars, motorcycles, helicopters and even submersible espionage vehicles are on full display in the gallery. Attendees are allowed to explore the space and get unparalleled close up views of these iconic automobiles. The open layout of the gallery provides a full 360 degree presentation for many of the vehicles that gives a behind the scenes look at how these stunning stunt props were made and how they were used in the films.

1964 Aston Martin DB5 _ pic: Kahn Media

An essence of cool permeates the exhibit floor. The classic Bond theme accompanies these undeniably amazing automotives and transports you immediately into your favorite 007 feature. From Goldfinger to Tomorrow Never Dies to Quantum of Solace, nearly all eras and films of Bond are represented. The slick and sleek cars are works of art in themselves, but the curation and setup of the exhibit adds an element of action. Many of the vehicles have ‘battle scars,’ from the various stunts and crashes shown in the movies. To supplement this, there are screens showing select scenes in which the cars are featured. One of our favorites shows the legendary stunt jump from “The Man with the Golden Gun.” The clip plays the exhilarating sequence where Bond (Roger Moore) flawlessly completes a full corkscrew twist over a river in Thailand while piloting his vibrant red 1974 AMC Hornet X Hatchback.

Bath O Sub Escape Pod – The Spy Who loved Me (1977) _ pic: Kahn Media

Along with the many ‘conventional’ automobiles, there are several of the more creative vehicles featured within the exhibit. We found these to be the most fun and interesting pieces up on display. These include the Transformer-like land-to-sea vehicle, the Lotus Esprit S1 nicknamed ‘Wet Nellie,’ and the retro-futuristic Bath-o-Sub. Both of these delightful motor vehicles, along with countless other machines, sets and secret bases were designed by renowned production designer Ken Adam. Adam’s influence was instrumental to providing the classic and iconic aesthetic of the early Bond films. 

1974 AMC Hornet – The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) _ pic: Kahn Media

This astounding catalogue of Bond automotives is guaranteed to please the muscle car enthusiast and film fanatic alike. The context of the films allows these vehicles to shine better than any commercial or advertisement could. Aston Martin in particular is inextricably linked to the 007 franchise and to see the world’s best known gentleman secret agent push these cars to the limit has elevated each of these vehicles to legendary status. The Petersen offers the best setting to experience the full glory of these machines and relive the epic adventures they created.

1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) _ pic: Kahn Media



Produced in collaboration with EON Productions and The Ian Fleming® Foundation, Bond in Motion is the first official exhibition in the United States to feature original vehicles from the James Bond film franchise. The exhibit celebrates the 60th anniversary of the 007 films, since Dr. No was released in 1962.

With the publication of his first spy novel, Casino Royale (1953), author and former naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming introduced the world to the enchanting exploits of James Bond, a British officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6. In all, Fleming would produce twelve novels and two short stories, laying the foundation for what would become a global literary and cinematic legacy.

Beginning in 1962, with the movie adaptation of Fleming’s sixth title, Dr. No, the exciting and dangerous world of James Bond was translated to screen, setting the tone for Bond films to come. Much like the novels on which they are based, Bond films combine the adventure of exotic locations and scheming villains with the action of death-defying stunts, and heart-pounding chases in nearly every type of vehicle imaginable. Often modified by quartermaster “Q,” these vehicles, much like Bond himself, conceal their true nature until their weapons and gadgetry become important plot devices.

The Bond in Motion exhibit offers visitors a rare up-close experience of the most iconic vehicles associated with the world’s most famous secret agent, 007.

JAMES BOND posters _ pic: Kahn Media


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