POWERIONS is an advanced air purifier and room sterilizer made for homes and office environments.

Already used in hospitals and theaters, POWERIONS provides air quality comparable to what is found in nature. Our product uses a combination of ionization and limited levels of active oxygen to both purify and sterilize local room spaces. Air quality is of increased importance during these modern times, with air pollutants and viruses in every breath the value of pure air is higher than ever.

How it works:

Active oxygen is added to the supply air by the ozone generator. The level of ozone is limited electronically so as to not exceed safe thresholds and keep inhabitants safe. Ionization generators are placed in the room or adjacent to supply air outlets. These charge the air with negative particles that binds viruses, bacteria, fine dust, and suspended matter in the air and on room surfaces. This in conjunction with the active oxygen acts as a 1-2 punch of capturing and sterilizing harmful particles.


POWERIONS encourages advances not only in air quality but in all areas and aims to support grand ideas. The POWERIONS is also an excellent option for an air revitalization system for space exploration and can be installed in habitats on Mars or the moon. It can help with environmental control, as well as the life support system on space stations. It creates a more Earth-like atmosphere of natural air for astronauts in a place far from home.

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patent owner: Dipl.-Ing. J. Lehmann
business owners: Steffen Danielowski, Roland Krueger, Dipl.-Ing. J. Lehmann

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