upcoming: SCIART EVENT

PLASMA magazine co-editor and Head of Astrobiology, Dr. Azul Pinochet Barros* comes to TSH (virtually) to discuss science, art, and the importance of bringing them together! Join us for fun conversation, engaging ideas, and cool “sciart” experiments all from the comfort of your own home!

We’ll teach you how to make your own laser microscope to explore the microbial universe of a single drop of water. Send us your images for a chance to win great prizes!
Tune in and find out: Thursday, the 28th of May from 8pm (CEST) via ZOOM

– 1 syringe
– 1 laser pointer
– Water sample of your choice (a puddle, a pond, river, sink)
– Something to support the syringe (eg, 2 glasses)
– A wall
– A dark room

1. Collect your water sample from wherever you want!
2. Go to a dark room and close to a wall, place two y’all glasses of water close enough to support the syringe.
3. Suction your water sample into the syringe and place it in between the two glasses.
4. Press the syringe so that a drop of water comes out the other end.
5. Point the laser pointer at the drop.

Enter the contest for a chance to win a PLASMA + TSH prize! All you have to do is:
1. Follow @plasmamagazine AND @tsh_dresden on Instagram.
2. DM your best image to @azulpinoba_photography on Instagram by May 28th 6:00PM CEST (12:00PM EST)!
The winner will be announced at our event!

*Originally from Madrid (Spain), Dr. Azul Pinochet Barros recently earned her doctoral degree in microbiology at Cornell University in NY (USA). Research aside, she also works for PLASMA magazine


PLASMA merch, pic Clemens Fantur

PS: you have the chance to win amazing PLASMA merch!



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