NEW: PLASMA eco-conscious collection

Space exploration and planetary studies not only help us understand our vast universe, but also appreciate the preciousness of our own planet. As our only home, we must protect the Earth by promoting ecological and sustainable businesses. PLASMA’s eco-conscious collection with Teespring is focusing on a few fan favorite pages from PLASMA 5. Including images that promote awareness to preserve the beauty of the Earth, the Moon, Mars and all other celestial bodies!


The collection features four global products: tote bags, unisex shirts, long sleeve tees, and hoodies. All products are either made of 100% organic cotton or feature a combination of organic cotton and recycled materials. Each product is eco-friendly in its own unique way, but overall the collection shares characteristics such as: All products are made of fibres that require little or no pesticides to grow and avoid contributions to air, water and land pollution. These products are cruelty-free, made from non-animal fibres, and are harvested in animal-friendly ways (with reduced impact on their habitats). The materials used in these products also contribute to green practices that reduce the use of resources like water and energy.


available now
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