Stay healthy

Dear PLASMA Community,

The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus COVID-19 disease a pandemic. Our community is comprised of people like YOU – brilliantly talented and inspiring scientists, artists, innovators, and creatives. We know that you will take all the necessary measures to help keep the virus and the panic at bay. To lend an extra (washed) hand with this and keep yourself and those around you healthy, here are some easy measures to minimize risk:

1. Wash your hands frequently (for 20sec).
2. Clean and disinfect especially commonly used areas (surfaces, door knobs, etc).
3. Cover your coughing and sneezing with your sleeve.
4. Wear a mask if you feel ill or if you want to be extra cautious.
5. Get your flu shot! (COVID-19 and flu symptoms are very similar so this will help lower flu rates and therefore help with discernment of cause).
6. Avoid public gatherings, crowded places, and travel.
7. Quarantine yourself for 2 weeks if you’ve been diagnosed.

8. Stay informed from reliable sources. Especially under the current circumstances, spread of misinformation does a lot of damage by creating confusion, hysteria, and even to the further propagation of the disease. Reliable sources include: World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or equivalent in your country, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other legitimate news channels.

We’re all in this together. Stay healthy. Stay informed. Be kind.

Galactic wishes,


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