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Dear Gemini, you are lucky, twice! As a twin, you are double nominated as a lucky sign: Jupiter is in the exact opposite of your zodiac position all year. This only happens every 12 years and always means that you have a positive time in your life. Secondly, Mercury, the ruler of the year 2019, is also your personal ruler planet.  Mercury will support you in a special way. June will be the best month for love.

credit Blake Estes

Dear Scorpio, Uranus will change a lot for you in 2019. Astrology says a Scorpio is a person whose life is in a smooth and consistent pattern. If so, a new chapter must be added in 2019. First of all, Mercury, the ruler of the of the year, will cause a stir. Secondly, planet Uranus will take position in its counter character. Both will cause some changes in your life. 2019 is clearly a rocket year for you.

Dear Pisces, you are on top of the lucky list. Pisces are much more than just their own star sign. In your subconscious mind, all others are dormant – from Aries to Aquarius. First, Neptune, your guiding star, is needed to live this incredible abundance. Neptune is fantastic in 2019, namely in your sign Pisces. Mercury is just as important and helps you to realize your huge potential. And planet Mercury rules the world in 2019.

Dear Virgo, count on many little wonders in 2019. The stars have not decided yet how to proceed. But the miracle will happen for sure. Neptune is in its star sign opposite and is surrounded by Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. That makes your magic come to light. Sometimes you will not understand it, why you are successful, that you are happy in your relationship or earn more money – it’s quite puzzling. However, you can count on Mercury – the planet of the year.

credit Blake Estes

full horoscope published in PLASMA magazine 5


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