Kate Yiu, along with international partners Alice Song, and Vanessa Fuchs are developing a community to create meaningful co-working, business and collaboration within the arts, science, real estate and finance with a shared message and vision.

As a Chinese Mongolian investment consultant, Kate’s diverse background and worldwide network enable her clients to grow their businesses by collaborating with individuals and organizations across China, Europe, and the United States. Alice, an investor in cultural venues has a key role in pushing cultural development. Vanessa, a contemporary art consultant is well versed in developing strong relationships with artists as well as nurturing their passion.

The project will start as a travel plan, lead by Christopher Florendo, with interdisciplinary collaboration at the root of forming a cultural exchange that is influential. Starting from the bottom up they are building a vision that will benefit the values each individual has to offer.

With this travel plan they are planting seeds that will grow a community that is solid, authentic, and with real values that are important to share. The travel package is just the beginning of a cultural exchange, transformative, mindful, and conscious journey for women in China who are looking for renewal and to be rejuvenated.

The aim of the trip is to appreciate the rich and vibrant LA culture through a cultural exchange and regenerative experience highlighting the profound impact that art may have on the individual. Each of the founders will contribute to the experience in their own special way. By the end of the trip they will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready for the experiences and joys they will have in the future.

The idea and vision of the LA travel package they are offering will involve art, culture, well-being, fashion, health, and beauty. The travel package not only focuses on the outer perception of who these women are, but the experience they will have inwardly and how it will change their future lives.

The focus of the travel resides is on the human essence that will involve rediscovering and reviving themselves through a luxury experience. An experience that will enlighten and open their consciousness through a spiritual connection to themselves.

The experience will be led by a Feng shui expert, who will guide them through inspirational talks and cultural exchange. As the ocean waves caress the cliffs and beaches of Malibu, the participants will relax and unwind through spa experiences accompanied by yoga and organic meals. This special part of the package will promote self-care and well-being.

A vital part of the trip is to be pampered by the best team and to feel the presence of peace and calm during this experience. The fashion and beauty activities will be a transformative and enjoyable time involving enhancing the beauty the participants possess with a curated experience of custom styling, beauty treatments, and photoshoots.

The travel package will expand as the idea grows to introduce experience at a premier Big Sur retreat community that will encompass and encourage the family to experience together. Later on, there will be more developments that will include a children’s travel experience involving the arts, culture, technology, well-being and science.

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credit Nora Heinisch


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