Thousands of humans already have the dream of becoming SuperHealth®!
Enter Super Health®!
Take a seat and enjoy Super Health®!
You are so much more than you ever believed!
It is time to join Super Health®!
Open the door to Super Health® and be a part of Super Health®!
I am Marilyn your Personal Trainer!
I am Super Health®!
I will accompany you on your SuperHealth® journey!
To make the training more functional I will help you reach the state of maxitation!
Start the Maxitation!
Thank you for listening to the Maxitation!
You reached the Maxitationstate!
I am Marilyn your Personal Trainer.
Now I will start with the Super Health® Training.
I will ask you questions.
Every question I ask is essential, nothing will be left out. Every question is getting
you closer to your Super Health®.
During the process of asking you questions, you will discover change, experience
and transformation.
Start with the Super Health® Training!

With the Super Health® App, you will have all your Super Health® questions in place, on any device, at any time. You decide for yourself, which questions the Super Health® App may ask you. Marilyn will help you take care of easy access, to all the Super Health® questions that concern you personally, so you can become Super Health®.

The newly innovated design of Super Health®, you will learn more about yourself and your individual goals.Super Health® will collect all your questions, each and every important question will be acces­ sible for you, in one space.Super Health® will also generate personalized questions for you, making it easier accessible for your use. Marilyn will be your personal trainer, she will accompany you on your Super Health® journey, she will help you ask the right questions, so you can become Super Health®.


The Super Health Track Suit will make it easyer to become Super Health®.With the support of the Super Health® Track Suit you will train more effetively.The moment you start using the Super Health® Track Suit, you become unstoppable.

Do You Have a Question…?!
Let us know what you think, if you have any questions regarding the SuperHealth®
App or you want to order the Super Health track suit.
Our SuperHealth® Customer service will be happy to help you.
Please call the free SuperHealth® hotline or visit us online


Thank you for joining Super Health your SuperHealth® App!


Full article in PLASMA 4 (print edition)


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