The Future of Genome Research


From Understanding to Tinkering – The Future of Genome Research


The result of an artist residency on the topic of gene editing at the MDC and the science behind it: the artwork, a mini symposium, a panel discussion and a reception.

Emilia Tikka at STATE Studio (c) Anne Freitag

Embarking on the “Human Genome Project“, researchers hoped that knowing the blueprint of life would provide us with all the information needed to understand health and disease. As always, the reality proved more complicated than expected.

Now, 15 years later, we’re still decrypting the blueprint, trying to find patterns and understand their meaning. Meanwhile, we have also embarked on a new quest – the pursuit of perfecting the tools for genetic manipulation. The question now is – do we know enough to start using these tools? And what happens if we do?

MDC BERLIN / credits Christin Stottmeister

Artist Emilia Tikka completed an artist-residency at the MDC and used the approach of speculative design to discuss these questions. We invite you to see the results of her work in a framework of a mini-symposium: after a guided tour of the art work, three prominent scientists from the MDC: Dr. Roland Schwarz, Dr. Sascha Sauer, and Prof. Simone Spuler, will present their research. They will then be joined by renowned bioethicist, civil rights activist and fellow MDC scientist Prof. Jens Reich for a panel discussion on “From Understanding to Tinkering – the Future of Genome Research”, moderated by Dr. Luiza Bengtsson and followed by a reception.

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