The hypnotising closing night at the soon opening STATE Studio.

PLASMA had the pleasure to attend the closing Night at the Retune Festival 2018, a great line-up with performances by Pandelis Diamantides, Florence To & VanTa, Lukas Truniger & Nicola Hein, installations by Pfadfinderei, Studio Milz, Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack and a club night with Hoe_Mies.

The Retune Festival is a biennial event at the intersection of art, design, and technology. In its fifth edition, Retune bringing together more than 500 intrepid minds across 2 days in Berlin. The Event explores speculative futures of our digital society. Internationally renowned creatives, researchers, and engineers working on latest technologies sharing their inspirational insights in talks and panels.

The most intriguing impressions from the closing night we would like to share with you:

The Monolith created by Pfadfinderei is a video sculpture which aesthetically melts screen and content. In a play between art history references and technical disruption, images of classical busts transform cyclically into abstract gradients and turn again into perceptible images.

Membranes« was performed live at the festival’s closing night. Exploring the boundaries of music and language, Nicola L. Hein and Lukas Truniger using hybrid instruments – constructed from drum-skins and electronic components – as devices to turn written texts into pulses of light and percussive sound.

The installation »Colours X Colours« is the result of the collaboration between Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard. The 24min video creates a hypnotising and immersive experience, only using acrylic, oil or soap filmed with a macro lens.

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STATE Studio opening on October 27

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