Astro 2018

Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition

Opening times:
Opens October 24 2018 | 10.00-17.00
Location: National Maritime Museum, London

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018 shortlist gallery
10 years of the world’s best space photography
See a selection of this year’s shortlisted images from aurorae and skyscapes to galaxies and the Moon. Read the story behind the photos through the words of the astrophotographers themselves.

Winners from the 2018 competition will be announced on 23 October.

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Earth Shine © Peter Ward

‘The brightness of the solar corona hides details of the Moon to human eyes during a total solar eclipse. But, by layering multiple digital exposures, in this case from two seconds to 1/2000th of a second, much more can be revealed. In doing so, eXtreme High Dynamic Range photography (XHDR) shows not only the brilliant solar corona, but the newest possible of new moons, seen here illuminated by sunlight reflecting off the Earth.’
Peter Ward

AR 2665 and Quiescent Prominence © Łukasz Sujka

‘This image presents the active region AR2665 on our Sun which was one of the biggest active regions in 2017. Also you can observe nice quiescent prominence on the Sun lim.This kind of prominence last very long and its structure is quite stable – of course time to time we have some spectaculatr “lift offs” of this kind of prominences but in most cases it is quite static.’
Łukasz Sujka

Colour-Full Moon © Nicolas Lefaudeux

‘The Full Moon is known to show little contrast but when there are no high contrast relief shadows we see an unusual sight: Moon colours! I had tried in the past to make an image like this by simply boosting saturation, which ended up in an unsightly psychedelic moon. This time, I used similar algorithms to the one I developed for the solar eclipse, but applied it to the colours instead. It turned the Full Moon into a beautiful Christmas tree bauble, with a great variety of hues and shades. I was surprised to see some craters turn blue, while others orange.’
Nicolas Lefaudeux





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