resonant objects

PYLON-Lab presents the solo exhibition “Lucid” by sound and media artist Julius Stahl, which will be on view from September 6th until September 30th.

As visual extensions, Stahl’s works reinterpret the phenomenon of sound and its perception. Comparable to the state of “lucid dreaming”, where there is a level of awareness of being inside a dream, Stahl’s works reflect a similar kind of consciousness and create an understanding of the subtle nature of the otherwise immaterial matter of sound.
Stahl’s works are based on sine tone and various modulations of it. The structure of the sine wave already contains an idea of temporality and movement. Object and sound are inseparably linked in Stahl’s works which show sound as movement between the auditory and the visual – as an oscillation between the senses.

In the exhibition, Stahl presents installations, resonant objects and pictoral works at PYLON-Lab.

The installation FLAECHEN DUETT consists of wire objects. Sinus tones are transferred onto the objects. The sounds are almost inaudible, but become visible in the form of standing waves along the individual wires. Modulation of the frequencies produces sound movements of the objects and natural resonance frequencies of the wires themselves. Object and sound determine their appearance in an immediate way.

The work CLUSTER consists of hanging aluminium sheets, attached to copper wires with sine tones transduced onto them. The resulting resonations become visible in the form of standing waves on the wires. Since the objects are placed in different heights, they resonate at different pitches. The sounds form quiet acoustic spaces around the individual objects, which are audibly perceptible in their immediate vicinity. The sounds around the objects become something physical and blur the boundaries between the inner and outer perception of space.

For Stahl’s ongoing series of LICHT, an instrument was developed that allows the sound of objects to be experienced with the eyes in the form of light. Small objects made of wire and aluminum sheeting are made to resonate with modulated pure tones. At the same time, they are exposed and projected onto a wall in the exhibition space. This process shows forms made of light which are in motion within themselves – it displays relation- ships between sound and form. Though they are inaudible to the viewer, and appear to be reduced to light and shadow, over time a sense of sound is produced in the visual effect. As a result of the resonation, relationships between seeing and hearing and the physicality of sound arise.

Stahl’s two-dimensional works are dedicated to the shape of sound and its intangible corporeality. The luminograms are based on resonating objects which create stripes of light that are spatially expanded by pure tones and traceably scanned on the light-sensitive paper. To realise the modulations of light, an instrument for an ongoing series of light installations is used by Stahl.

Stahl lives and works in Berlin and Dresden. His work has been exhibited amongst others at Ars Electronica Linz, Transmediale Berlin, ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe, CYNETART Festival Dresden, Museum Dortmunder U, Skulpturmuseum Marl, Stichting IK Oost-Souburg.

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