Zoe, Zoe

We “ek-sist”

Our aim is to speculate on the evolution processes and investigate the shapes and the order of life both on land and in the oceans. Starting with the species gone extinct as a shared historic discourse, going into scientific discoveries of new species, then envision new experiences based on zoe*. examine the constraints of our life by “becoming with” other sentient beings. and to look at the world from a different perspective.

Our visual language is inspired mainly by biomorphic shapes associated with primordial nature, that express something akin to evolution or growth. Although forms come together in concrete ways, they will soon enough change again and nothing ever stays the same. We envision a mythical space of desire surrounded by hybrid creatures, anomaly, deviance and monstrosity.

The working process we will develop consists of  using soft materials like flexible resin and animal textures, also use the video mapping medium to project on body parts.

*zoe -as life and impersonal force, our aim is to establish a connection with other creatures we share the world and our own bodies with.

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