PLASMA magazine

coming spring 2017


new international ART & SCIENCE MAGAZINE

PLASMA magazine is a new international publication showcasing contributions from the art and science worlds. This compilation of art and science and the points at which these two lines cross, is a unique focus. PLASMA magazine 2 includes texts and photos from artists, contributions from galleries and museums, as well as from scientists and research institutions.

strandbooks, New York
motto, Berlin
Wardour News,  London (Soho)
MZIN online shop , Leipzig
Büchers Best, Dresden

Art Library of Berlin State Museums, Berlin
Library of the German Historical Institute, Paris
Central Institute for Art History, Munich
German National Library, Leipzig
Public Library, Cologne
Bücherhallen Hamburg
Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle
Galda + Leuchter Scientific Booksellers